Sunday, September 21, 2008

#6-More Flickr

After playing around with mashups and 3rd party tools, there were two that stood out to me. I really enjoyed the Flickr Color Pickr. I thought it was awesome how it would group pictures together based on color. I especially enjoyed when I chose the more intense colors. It also helped me realize that I am not much of a photographer. You have to have a certain eye for that. I pretty much snap pictures of people and places I want to remember. The second tool I liked was the Delivr Digital Postcards. You can take a picture on Flickr and use it to send someone an e-card. I like to send e-cards and this really opens up some beautiful pictures to use. I did make a librarian trading card. I had trouble trying to manipulate the photo to get it just so on the card. It was hard to not cut parts off. There weren't many options. I was surprised at how many tools there were (and often wondered why someone would want to use those tools). Interesting stuff.

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