Thursday, September 11, 2008

#3-Get Blogging in 3 Easy Steps

Well obviously, I was successful at setting up my blog. Coming up with the title was the hardest part-I told you I wasn't very creative. So far, I enjoy writing (though I have to do it from home-work has too many distractions).

What does lifelong learning mean to me? Hmmmm..... I suppose I can sum it up in one word, and that would be growth. Last year, I wanted to learn how to knit. I had been toying with it for a few years, but really wanted to learn how to do it right and actually make something. So I decided to take a class. That was what I needed. I was able to finish a scarf for my niece and give it to her for her birthday. Eventually I would like to move on and make prayer shawls with the knitting group at my church. I was given one after my mother's death and was so grateful. It was very comforting to me, and I want to be able to give that gift to others who are in need.

This year I have been focused on losing weight. I have never been successful at that in my life, but I reached a point where I realized I must change. I joined a group at my church. It is not a complicated program-counting calories, no sugar or white flour. I have learned so much about myself, food, and nutrition. I have also been successful-losing 62 lbs so far. Even though I have the basics of the program ingrained into my lifestyle, I now find I am interested in learning even more things that enable me to continue to make healthy choices.

This past year I also took the grief facilitator training at Teddy Bear Hollow. It is something I wanted to do ever since I had been introduced to TBH through the library. On the first day, we went around the room and shared a little bit about ourselves. I felt so out of place. Most of the participants worked in the mental health field. I felt they were much more qualified than I to do this kind of work. All I can say is that this training was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I really grew!! I am leading my first group this fall. Each situation that comes up is a opportunity for growth. I just hope I am up for the challenge!

What do I expect to get from this program? Learning new things and growth, of course!

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