Thursday, September 11, 2008

#2-Lifelong Learning

Today I sat and watched the tutorial, the Seven 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners.

For myself, I would say it is easiest for me to accept responsibility for my own learning (#2). I have so many things I am interested in and I know if I am to learn about them, I have to seek it out. Sometimes that means reading more about a subject. Sometimes that means seeking out a person and learning from them. Sometimes that means I have to take a class or training. The internet has really opened up the floodgates of information. It is out there, but if I don't look for it and work with it, it really doesn't matter. My life will go on the same-I still won't know how to knit, or understand another culture, or learn a new technology, or grow.

The hardest one for me is to view problems as challenges. I have many problems (I mean challenges) in my life, and sometimes I just feel overwhelmed and want to give up. But I usually pick myself back up and go on (after some chocolate, tears, venting....etc). Learning new things can be difficult and it is a growing experience. Growth is good. It is my life's goal to never become a crabby, crusty, stagnant old woman. I want to always be giving, vibrant, and fresh. You can't be that without lifelong learning.

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