Sunday, October 12, 2008

#11-A Thing About LibraryThing

Well who among us wouldn't adore LibraryThing? We are book lovers after all! What a great idea and I like how libraries can use this technology to get input from it's readers. I looked over the links and set up my account. This by far was the easiest technology we have looked at in this journey. After adding a few books I decided to try something new. It took some extra reading and time, but I figured out how to add my LibraryThing list as a widget to my blog. It looked a little scary to see HTML code and not know what exactly to do with it. This is where Michael Sauers lost me in the technology classes I have taken from the Nebraska Library Commission. I was afraid I would mess it up completely, but to my delight, it worked the first time! I didn't take time to tag my books, but will go back and do that later. I also wonder if as I add more titles if that will change what shows up in the widget? We'll see as I continue to work with it.

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