Monday, October 13, 2008

#12-Roll Your Own Search Engine

After doing the Rollyo exercise, I feel proficient but I don't understand the finer points. Again, more time will need to be spent on it in order to fully understand. I did practice adding a widget, but I don't think that links to my search roll, so here is the link

That is the part I had trouble with; finding my search roll after I created it and finding the tiny little button for the link. I can see some great ideas for using this technology in the library. You could create all sorts of search rolls for your patrons on subjects that are of interest to them. For example you could create a search roll about politics with the upcoming election on patron's minds. You could include each candidate's site, the Douglas County Election Commission site, news sites, etc.... You could create rolls about the Nebraska Cornhuskers, emergency preparedness, homework help, tax preparation, job hunting, just to name a few. This would allow patrons to come in and find the most helpful information (based on our experience) easily in one place.

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