Wednesday, October 29, 2008

#13-Tagging, Folksomonies & Social Bookmarking in Delicious

I am starting to feel overwhelmed by all the new things we are doing and decided not to create one more account at this time. I did poke around Delicious and figured out how to view other people's bookmarks and their comments and tags. The reasoning behind tagging is starting to become evident to me (I didn't see the need in Flicker). I can see how this would be a really helpful tool when doing research-as long as people are adding tags. Viewing other users' bookmarks can lead you to similar websites that have already been previewed and found to be useful. It is like others are doing the work for you! We don't do much research here at our branch, so I don't know how helpful this technology would be at work, but I did let my college sophomore know about it and how he could use it. He half listened, as he usually does to anything I have to say these days, and with his usual foresight told me he didn't really need it because he doesn't have to write many research papers. Maybe someday he will value my wisdom and experience : >

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