Wednesday, October 8, 2008

#9-Finding Feeds

I went through all the tools that you can use to find feeds. Some were more useful and easier to use than others, although I probably need to spend some extra time to become more familiar with each. I used the Bloglines search tool and found some feeds that I added to my Bloglines account. While Topix is a very interesting site, even after searching I did not understand how I could find feeds there to subscribe to. I understand how it gets it's information from feeds... Syndic8 is also interesting, but harder to use. Technorati is kind of like Topix. My understanding is that it searches blogs instead of newsfeeds though. The only way I can figure out how this is helpful to me is if I find something I am interested in and trace it back to the original blog/newsfeed and subscribe there. That seems like a lot of work, so I guess my favorite tool after this exercise is the Bloglines search tool. It is easy to use and easy to get the feed into my Bloglines account.

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