Saturday, November 1, 2008

#14-Getting Not-So-Technical with Technorati

Well this is the second time we have taken a look at Technorati, and I still do not like it. I find it difficult to navigate. If I find something I am interested in looking at, I have a hard time getting back to the original source. I explored the keyword searches in the different search areas, and I didn't really find there was much difference. The number of results changed slightly, but the results that were shown were the same stories. That made me think maybe I was not doing it right, but no matter what I tried, my results were the same. I took a look at the popular feature, and found the ads to be very distracting. They were covering up the information! I thought I would attempt the optional exercise and at least learn something new, but after reading through the directions, I didn't feel confident I could actually do it. It still is a little too technical for me. This is a new technology that would take some extra instruction (probably a class) for me to understand it enough to use it.

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