Saturday, November 8, 2008

#16-So What’s in a Wiki?

I looked at all the links on Wikis and I find them very practical and useful. I really liked what the Grand Rapids Public Library did with their Wiki (which I found under the other library wiki examples link). They put together a community information guide on various topics. I looked at the topic of care giving resources and found links to books broken down by sub topics that were available at the library. There were also links to local, state, and national resources as well as other web links. What I like about putting it in a Wiki format is how others can add to this information or take away old links that no longer work. This input makes it very easy to keep it up to date and provides a wider scope of information. That takes the pressure off the librarian monitoring the Wiki. I also like what the ALA did with the Wiki for their mid winter conference. How helpful to the attendees to have all that information compiled in one place as well as others sharing their knowledge of the area.

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