Monday, November 17, 2008

#22-Media and Book Downloads (or "You are almost done!")

I chose to explore TumbleBooks because it was something that I had never looked at before. I have taken the Overdrive training, but have never actually downloaded anything. I own an IPod which you can't use, so that is why I chose the MP3 player as my reward for finishing these exercises! I'm familiar with MyLibraryDV, but again, have not used it. My son is always on our computer playing a game that is a memory hog. I don't feel like I even have enough memory to experiment with the movie downloads. So back to TumbleBooks-I think this is really cool! It was very easy to use and I would feel quite comfortable helping patrons with this format (though it is so easy, I don't think they would need much help). While I believe it is best for parents to sit down and read to their children, I think this format has value in supplementing that. The storybooks would capture a child's interest because of the incorporated movement and the way the characters are given voice. I can also see the value in having this format available through the library when it comes to mixed language homes. We have several patrons that have parents that only speak Spanish, so I doubt there is much reading going on at home. This could be a real benefit to them.

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Anonymous said...

With the announcement for the use of iPods, I can't wait till it happens!