Saturday, November 15, 2008

#20-You Too Can YouTube

I have gone to YouTube and watched videos before, but I have never tried to do anything else with it. I did use the embedded code and upload a video to my blog (at the bottom of the page), which I had never done before. I chose this video simply for the sentimental and entertainment value, which is what I mostly use YouTube for. I searched for how to videos-I guess I never thought of using it in an educational way before. I found a series of videos by gliteratti that was designed for library volunteers. It demonstrates the tasks that volunteers are assigned to do. I thought that was a good way of using this technology. They could go to one place and watch a short video on the task you wanted them to work on. If the task was different the next time, there would be another video they could watch for that. It would save a lot of time on training. Managing volunteers is a huge job. The constant turnover, irregular schedules, and sheer number of volunteers can lead to confusion about who knows how to do what. This is something that can really help. I would have to think more about features or components that might be interesting if applied to library websites. As it is, I'm not really sure how correct it is to be copying and publishing this stuff elsewhere.

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