Monday, November 10, 2008

#18-Web-Based Apps: They're not just for Desktops

I am exploring Google Docs and this looks very familiar. I am going to try to upload it to my blog (wish me luck). My son bought a new laptop last year and it only had a trial version of Microsoft Office on it. It surprised me as that is usually standard issue. I wonder if these online tools are the reason? I'm going to try and upload this now and will write more about my experience.

Wow, that was easy. It worked the first time too! I really like this application. It was easy to understand, simple to use, and very practical. I can see myself using this again. This would be great for students working on group projects. They could just go online and add their portion. This eliminates trying to work around schedules and physically getting together. I think it would make for a stronger project as they peer edit also. This application is a keeper in my book.

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